The world ecnomic decline when spread to America and other related capitalist countries, the world will be dangerousely affected.This will reflect in every field of living.

We shall see the impacts in various fields like social justice,science,development.,natural care,stunted growth in the inventions of most modern weapons,aids to the third world countries,epidemics and child care.Communist countries were totally destroyed and at the same time capitalist countries were resurrected after the cold war.Whether the lack of finance caused the destruction of countries in Soviet Union or due to the interference of capitalist countries.No in my opinion, capitalist countries had a long vision to deposit the wealth throughout the world.They utilised this wealth in various fields very productively.For eg ;car industry.All the big budget companies established their plants all around the world.Production was boosted up.Sale increased and hence the profit.The same way, captalist countries made a lot of profit from industries,electronics,insurance,banking,agriculture and education.Increased profit made them involve in new ventures to make more and more profit.It is still going on.

Communist nations were interested to strengthen the political party,providing aids to the well wishers,producing weapons,spy works,sports and arts.But no returns from these fields.People enjoyed the liberalised loans by capitalist countries.Communist nations made loans only to their activits.Others were treated as enemies and give nothing.The same instances occured in various nations and their economy was broken down.Communist organistions can never be ruined only by the activities of capitalist nations.This countries could strive with a vision and hence people collected crores of money.They lived a luxurious life.

We shall see the similar incidents during the compaign of christian religion.Christianity was spread by keeping Bible on one hand and bread on the other.At the same time, some other religions utilised only the picture of God.The God and religion to a hungry man is the one who appear as his bread.Then some things will grow and some others will degrade.It is not the fault of anyone but due to the ignorance and lack of light in the brain.

Whatever the social justice ,America is greatly enthusiastic in making their judiciary simply perfect.They insist the same for other countries also.Otherwise they reduce the aids to those countries.

It is the capitalist countries that provide maximum aids to science and its developments.What would be our progress when science is not developed? What would be the future of science when the capitalist countries are broken down?.The capitalist countries utilise their fund for various scientific experiments(To channels like Discovery,National geographic,Animal planet),protection to the nature,conservation of animals,inventing drugs to epidemics,health and hygienic,solution to atmosperic pollution,fight adulteration,natural hazards,Afforestation and even for the conservation of nature beyond centuries.

Under the circumstances, the role of capitalist countries is praisewothy. In case the economic depression affects them they would stop all kinds of aids and provision of employment.We should follow the tactic of defence.It is better than attack.Then economic upliftment may be achieved.Now what about the third world countries? It is certain that undeveloped countries will face severe destruction.

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