During the cold war between communist dominated Soviet Union as allied countries on one side and capitalist economy monopoly countries like America and Britian on the other hand , there was an equilibrium to a certain extend at the time of bibilair concepts.Under these circumstances it was necessary to provide sufficient monetary and military aid to those under developed member countries with in the alliance crores and crores of dollars were spent for the inventions and armaments.Thus a major part of world economy became dead money.Then the assistance to the member countries were cut short and such alignment was demolished.Besides Soviet Union itself was broken down and various autonomous nations were formed and liberlised.Then the world witnessed the establishment of America as a sole power.America became the ultimate word in world military and economy.Hence America attained the pet name as world police.Then the world witnessed the gallop of America.

When the Soviet Union was collapsed the scattered nations could not afford the socialists,military officers,sportsman etc... Many of these persons took refuge in other countries. Besides,the arms and ammunitions from weak nations reached to the terrorist organistions.These weapons whether modern or not,it was sufficiant to kill the human beings.Such sects and organistions became a real head ache to America.America had to pay a lot to abolish them.The circumstances still remain.

If all the left organisations act against the American police who will be there at leading end to wipe out terrorism?.Do you ever think that if America withdraws the world would be free of terrorism? Whether the terrorist are attacking India,Pakisthan and China to destroy America. Never,small sins at first then the bigger ones.To protect those sinners big groups are formed.People join in those groups and become wide spread.Drug traffic threatening etc.are followed.Arms are purchased on the increased financial status.

Then these groups become more powerful.Lack of education and religious excentrism make grave fighters.No use of blaming others.Because this is natural phenomena.

As “Divide and Rule” is the tactic of nations and national leaders it is the ordinary people that who are destroyed and killed.We should utilise our knowledge instead of arms to ruin terrorists. We should impart higher education,religious perspectives,and faith to the common people. The world should provide priority to these aspects.

Take the case of Pakisthan; The people that they are created itself take gun against them. Pakisthan will have to offer value based education to the youth and people.Other was its existence extends towards complete emptiness.The same snake that we feed milk will bite us.The pet dog will be mad of rabbies and will bite us.The future of Pakisthan will be of great trouble if they can not take control of terrorists.
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