There is a story regarding Indian brain among other countries.Ten brains were kept to be sold at London museum.Among those, the most expensive was of Indian brain.The cheapest one was of American brain.The reason was that Indian brain is not much used.’An idle brain is devil’s workshop.’ If one third of around hundred and fourteen crores of Indian man power concentrate on productive activities we can’t imagine the tremendous changes.For instance,lakhs of youth in India are nursing, Engineering,Medical and computer students.These youths are interested to serve in foreign countries. When these educated youths send foreign currency to India ,Indian economy will have a drastic emergence.India can stand along with most powerful rich countries.India can have treasure of foreign currency.When we exchange the dollar we would have a million or billion crores of Indian rupees.

Indian people must be we more dynamic instead of dead mechinery.The youths and others who live in remote and rural states of India must take up the task of producing and reproducing the man power resources.

When the governments support this innovative concept, India will strive ahead towards the most powerful country of the World.India is not only blessed with the natural resources and agricultural fields but treasured with wisdom as well.

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