The world history reveals that the major wealth of the world is in the hands of Christians, Muslims and Jews.This is true with regard to the religious and social point of view.Why does this situation prevail in history or repeat it again and again.?This points-out to the following hard realities:
I ) Achieved through never ending intensive thoughts and deeds.
II ) Inventions through resarches-its ambition,wish and dream.
III ) The extra ordinary courage and mental strength to attack and dominate others.
IV ) A crystal clear point of view to collect money by spending money.
V ) Activites of brain to attain anything through strength and wisdom.

The above mentioned categories with their energetic activities dominated the world and the major part of the wealth was kept under their captivity.

The immeasurable wealth was utilised for luxuries and armaments. Eventhough a part of their wealth was distributed among poor people.Thus a share of their wealth was enjoyed by undevoloped nations and poor people.

The economic decline has created an inbalance in the wealth of countries.When the unemployment becames more severe,and the luxuries comedown,many countries may face riots,blood sheded revolutions etc,.Thus it may be a beginning of an entirely different culture.If the salary is reduced ,aids to the poor countries are cut short,the starving people may revolt.As the earth revolves in the galaxy,the wealth in the world will ultimately reach into the hands of Hindus and Bhudhists.Thus India and China will be at the forefront.These countries are the most populated in theworld.The domination in wealth will lead to the clear cut polarity in the world.

When the people recollect their feelings of slavery and pains that they suffered for centuries anything may happen.

If the communal sect or revolutionary party attain the power the situation would be more pitiable. The thought of sharing the wealth if not highlighted, the poor people will be suffered.These circumstances will be terminated in a pathetic scenario.

Though there is a special remark in Hindu and other related religions regarding the charity to poor, it has not become a part of practice.One of the reasons is that India and China were poor countries. It was the responsibility of the government to feed and keep up around the half of the total world population.When the people are not self sufficient,how can they help others? This phenomenon which was existing for years may be the cause of the culture.Such culture to be established in India and China might take many years.

China is not a country with liberal economic strategees like India.When the increased wealth doesnot reach ordinary people,a ‘neo communism’will come up.Thus China will be gradually,changed into a capitalism.

India doesn’t need a socialism ,or capitalism,but a ‘CAPITAL SOCIALISM’ which backs up employment,employees,conserves agriculture and at the same time permits the capitalists to enjoy the maximum.No doubt India will be glittered more. In future my India and my world as such may have full of such virtures.
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