USA ought to abate the cost of Oil again. Thus Gulf countries will reduce the cost of Oil.By subtracting this, the income sources of Gulf countries and the uphold of income by person to the terrorists will reduce systematicaly. It will decrease the power of terrorists. This will results in increasing the power and auspice of USA in Asian countries and also increase the popularity of you and Democratic party. By the mitigation of Gulf money, USA can constitute the peace in Gulf countries simultaneously, the Judes will make investments in more cinctures . And USA should enquire that, the Oil companies had making any kind of economic assistance to the terrorists. If so, again assuage the worth of Oil.

By reducing the Oil cost, the hike in price of commodities decreases. This will obstruct the Chinese to produce the commodities. Today the small scale employees had getting only scanty emoluments. Employees cannot work below this hire. By this, the Chinese products will reach abaft from the world market. And US can capture whole market in the ‘WORLD MARKET’. Thus, USA can scale to the land from the great economic depression.

USA should rumple and rebuild the laws to nix, the wafture of black money to outside. Thus, so many companies will set in newly. This will reduce the umemployment to a certain extend.

If doesn’t terminate here. You can control and smash the promulgation of redundant wars, gossips and the economic depression by the Republicans. By this strategy, The USA , The Democrats . And you can ensure the mastery without the mortality of ‘a single Soldier’ in the world Economic War.

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New Waves in World Economy.[Forecasting and devices]