Are the Whites facing the threat of elimination?.It sounds shocking.But it seems it might happen in future.This is a case of serious concern for the White people who live in Europe,America,Australia and other countries.

Take the case of Europe for example.They have either conquered or attacked most of the countries in the world and made them their colonies.Their reign was ruthless and brutal.But on the other side, they have contributed a lot to the world.Most the discoveries and inventions came from the Whites.They are quite adventurous.They conquered the mountians and oceans to reach other nations.They gained power and money through trade and commerce.At the same time,they undertook a lot of charitable activities and found out medicine and treatments, for same deadly diseases.They also created sexual anarchy and thereby a sort of disorder in family relationships.

However,the Whites have a stiff challenge for survival.Their community might come down in number or way be eliminated in future.Their glamour and splendour might be lost for ever.As already indicated,the crack in family relationships does play a major role here. Mothers seldom give birth to children and not eager to take care of them.They don't instruct or teach them the right lessons and be a good model for others.The Holy Bible says "If the parents are not good teachers for children,the whole family may be perished". The new generation follows the model set by their parents and indulges in all sorts of undesirable activities.

Nowadays we see a large number of people from China,India,Africa and Muslim countries migrate to Europe and America.As a result,there is a disproportionate mixture of different religious,tribes and castes.These people also seriously and actively get involved in employment,trade and take important positions in government.This means that the Whites may become powerless and slavish in their own countries.

The following factors are also of serious importance for the Whites.


The Western kings and emperors where lovers of battles and reigned over the world for a long time.Their rule was ruthless and regarded as a reign of terror.They looted and took a lot of wealth to their countries.However,the wealth is coming back to the world in the form of compassion and charity.Hospitals,schools and charitable organisations are widespread in the world.This concept is fast spreading across the world even in third world countries like India.But the millions who migrate into Europe or America work for their own and have no sense of loyalty to the migrated nation. The western supremacy might be lost at any time and some other nations may take over their positions.


The British started and promoted agriculture in their colonies.For example,in India,they gave prime importance to the cash crops like tea,coffee,rubber,cashew,cardamom,cocoa and pepper.But nowadays,India export all these crops.They reach the world market and India gain a lot of buck.This would stengthen the India economy,not that of the Bristish.This would strengthen the Indian economy,not that of the British.

III) Industry

Before centuries, the British introduced major industries like Iron,steel,cotton,etc in their colonies.They also built huge bridges and roads of international stardards.The introduction of railways was immensly helpful.However since independance, the nations became self-reliant and had their own strategies.

If we check history,it is understood that in Europe,it was a period of 'Dark Age' from 5th century to 11th century.Such a period was created in Europe and Rome be the Hunans,the natives of Mangolia.Then they defeated their enemies in battles and by sudden attacks.But now it may be the turn of the great China.Their rapid growth is to be watched out.The chineese people and products are there word-wide.The history may be repeated, caution ! The world undergoes a stage of severe economic depression.If the Whites fail and not able to find a way out soon,the whole Europe may slowly slide down to a most terrible 'Dark Age'.

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