World wars and China are not really related.When we go back to history,it is understoodthat world was divided into two sections;Italy,the land of despots,Germany and Japan on one side and the axis powers like America,Britian,Russia and France on the other side.Lakhs of people were either killed or injured seriously.America dropped the lethal atombomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Japan was crushed badly.During this time, China had no real role to play.

Even after the second world war,Soviet Union continued its domination in countries like Poland,East Germany,Bulgaria,Hungary and Afghanistan etc.USSR tried to impose communism in such countries.For about 40 years,such a situation continued.God and religion were neglected and the ideas of Lenin,Carl Marx and Angles were widespread.With the advent of Gorbachov,a different way of thinking was evolved.The communist ideas were not given prominence.The great USSR soon broke into different republic countries.Slowly comminsm lost its roots in these countries.

Such a situation may also likely to happen in China,the world's most populated country.No doubt,China advanced a lot economically,technologically and in military.In history,countries like Spain,Britian,France,Holand and Portugal had ruled over other countries.However,finally they had to withdraw from the territories once they had dominated.China has to learn from the experience of other nations.Though it is immensely rich, China may not have easy way ahead.At present,it has strong military base in countries like Pakisthan,Nepal,Myanmar,Srilanka and Iran.But it will be very hard to get some basis in India.

Is it possible China can march to countries like,Thaiwan,SouthKorea,Malaysia and Singapore?

Can it move to old Soviet Union Countries? or,can China penetrate through Pakisthan and Iran to Gulf countries? It is very far a dream to be realised.

China's plans may probably revolve around Beijing.In future,a great personality like Gorbachov may come into power to wipe out communism.Perhaps it may become a great capitalist country.Let's wait and see.

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