What is black money ? If the income of a person exceeds a certain amount, the due tax should be remitted to the government.But instead; some people keep it as their own and spend it through some devious means.Such money is called Black money.Many wealthy people do not pay enough tax and they have high influence and support from related officials,politicians and police staff.When there is an election, crores of black money is spent for a candidate and if he wins, he gives all protection for the person who financially helped him.Thus black money is the root cause of many illegel and corrupt activities in the society. The government has to attend this case very seriously.Infact,the person having a lot of black money is not an enemy but a good friend.

The person should be asked to shows his income statement and persuaded to invest his crores of money in banks.

We need a lot of money,not more tax. It lots of money reach nationalised banks and Reserve Bank,there is no need of different taxes.

Crores of money in banks could be given as loans for agriculture,industry and developmental programmes on simple interest.Gradually the financial status of a country goes up.The black money is deposited in banks and so there is no room for worry for the high class people or great buisiness men.The common people also can enjoy a better and peaceful life.In short,some strategic steps and measures should be initiated by government to collect and use black money wisely so as to benefit all sections of the society.

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