Since the emergence of cities the journey in search of employment also commenced.More developments occured in metropolitan cities as per the renaissance during various periods . Whether it is in ports,plains or hillocks of tourism, maximum developments were in cities.Cities provided more employment opportunities.Hence for instance the commercial capital of India is Mumbai.From the very beginning the people was going to Mumbai insearch of job.(Cities like Mumbai,Calcutta,New Delhi and Chennai).Spontaneous flow of people to the cities made their business a big festivals. Business establishments,hotels,factories and associated factors were emerged gradually.However the increased population created major problems to the environment.Vehicles increased as per the increased population.Thus it caused atmospheric pollution.Besides,the living problems paved way to some other society issues. Robbery,Murders,violence,prostitution,smuggling,drug trafficking,communal violence,epidemics,child labour etc were emerged in the cities.Environmental problems and atmospheric pollutions make the life of people unbearable.

The retrival from the problem is possible by reducing the floating population in cities.Then we have to develop the villages.This require a large amount of money and human resources.Provide more jobs,small scale industries and encourage agriculture.We should have a regular flow of fund.Then only it is possible.A practical technique is whitening the black money. Let the foreign investments reach to our country.Along with that we shall provide loans to the people.Then we shall observe drastic changes in our society.Likewise we shall see an integrated development in different levels of society.The economic organisation of our country would be perfect and powerful.

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