The land mafia will break the backbone of agricultural lands and small scale industries.
The land is bought by giving the suffcient prices .Black money is used for buying land.They buy all the important and unimportant lands .An orinary man cant afford the price of a cent of land .The land mafia construct flats,villas, star hotels and shopping mals.There is no agriculture and small scale industries.No land for that . . As no land and loans for small scale industries, no one comeforward for the same.Hill ranges are not suitable for industries due to problems of employees, transportation and electricity .The selling on products reqire proper transportation and money.Then the price of the product cannot be controlled .Everything must be changed .The most important thing is to aviod black money.
There is a real estate mafia in our country .Their sky high hotels and villas occupy the land . They sell the flats for four hundered multiples of the building cost,arranging 80-100% of loans.The idle people get the key of the house without any hard work. They get well furnished house with modern kitchen and electronic equipments .Only to get in the house and stay there.But they dont realise that their whole wealth is taken by them.When the repayment of loan becomes impossible there wont be not too many ways before them .Then the same money- lender will come forward to buy the house .They renovate the house and expect another prey for their trap.
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