In terms of modern thoughts, government is merely one of the major organisations that exist in a society or nation.The main task of a government is to defend country from foreign invasions and to ensure safety and security for all citizens.The other organisations like banks,factories,companies and financial institutions also play a vital role in the progress of the country .They can give form to a number of bridges,roads and dams.

Every organisations has to do its role.As Karl Marx says,”When two contradictory views pose each other,the outcome may be progress”.In a nation ,the government and other organisations may go against each other;but such a fight may do good for the country.When there is a clash between thesis and anti-thesis,the result may be synthesis.The individualism that was somuch spread out in Europe in 18th century,has a lot of relevance nowadays.

The government has to give full freedom to an individual to go up in a business and amass money.The wealth accumulated through business can be utilised for the society and nation.The money from individuals and organisations can be collected in banks which may utilise it in varous phases of progress.New let’s have a look at the society in which we can see different sections of people who suffer a lot and need a lot of care and attention.The government and various organisations can indeed alleviate their grievences sothat they can hope for a better tomorrow.

I ) The poor lot of children

Luxury on one side and acute poverty on the other; this is so strange in our country.The condition of children is so sad.They have become a commodity to be sold and bought.Child labour is so common.Many children are wandering in the streets.Isn’t it so shameful to be a part of a such a society?.It’s high time that action should be taken to safeguard the life of our little ones.

II ) The old people

The officials in government or semi-government organisations get good salary while the common folk are not able to make both ends meet.In such a situation,they can not look after their old parents,brothers or sisters.Many old people find shelter in old-age homes while many are found in streets begging alms.What a pitiable sight!. The different organisations have to soon find a way out to save and protect such lakhs of old people.

III ) Widows

Many Indian women are deserted.They are quite alone; may be after the death of their husbands or they are abandoned by their partners.The widows lead a disastrous life.How can we keep our eyes shut? Government has to raise fund for their welfare and for this purpose,it can go to different sources that can contribute in a great deal.

IV ) Criminals

Our nation is abundant in population and there exist a lot of imbalance and difference everywhere.It is natural that a lot of criminals are created.They do crimes for their livelihood or existence.In other cases,they do it for becoming rick or taking revenge on others.From childhood onwards,there may be a criminal taste in children due to different reasons.But these young minds can be diverted to Sports, Arts and Social service organisations.In future,there will be less criminals and more comfort and peace in the coutry.Adequate money for this purpose should be found out and spent.

The other sad factor is the immoral life led by many women.Why have they become prostitutes? In India,woman is given the place of goddes.But ‘red streets'are growing in number in different parts.The women resort to such a life because in many cases,they are forced in order to save their family.The financial debt is the main reason.

We have to open our eyes.The weeping children and women disturb our ears.Not mere thoughts or talks will help us.For the good of the country and people,all have to contribute.We have no time left to delay a noble action.

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