Everyone will be ready for cultivation if they get free-water facilities,fertilisers at low rates,agriculture machinery,high yielding varieties of seeds,interest-free loans etc.They may not also pay taxes.A lot of barren lands are there in India and if they are made cultivable,food scarcity will be overcome and a large quantity of food products could be exported.The money collected in this way can be given as loans to many.There should not be any situation when the farmers dont get loans to keep their interest infarming.Agricultural farms will slowly disappear in case real estate industry grows in strength.This may lead to scarcity of food and also to riots in the country.In such situations,if there is a state which is self-sufficient in food grains,it may feel stronger than other states and may also wish to be independent.This may result in some very sad developments.(eg: The argument of khalistan).In Kerala,it had self-sufficiency in food sector but the land mafia and real estates took many agri-lands and gradually Kerala also felt scarcity of food.The most painful factor was that even the paddy fields are forgotten by the old and new generations.So dont ever leave agriculture.All sorts of assistance and encouragement should be offered to farmers.Even the young people may be attracted to this field.They must feel that they are doing a noble job.If this idea is practised,we need not wait for the vehicles from other states with food products and pay high rates.
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