The difference between the owner and slave,haves and have nots,employer and employee or the poor and the rich has been there from the very begining of the world.The wealth is vested in fewer hands and they become the lords.The wealthy class makes a corrupt influence of the government and high officials and thereby increase their money in Agriculture,Industry or commerce.But such money should be brought to government treasury and utilised for the welfare of all especially the poor.The revolutionary parties always raise their voice against capitalism but they always want the lower classes to remain in the same status forever.

Many organisations which should reform the society have miserably failed in their priciples.This failure has greatly contributed to economic inequality.A good society will be formed only if the government;organisations and movements have a common goal infront of them.

As discussed before,a sudden revolt of government action would not result in social equality.Many nations where there had been change of power due to same revolts,finally had to succumb to acute poverty.The treatment should be more internal than physical.Many people in the society have bulk of black money and such money should be properly levied and spent for the poor sections.

A major surgery is needed at government’s policy level and people’s attitude level.Though very difficult,it is not impossible to try hard to attain a socially and economically balanced class in every state.

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