The real strength of a nation largely lies in the strength of its armed forces like army and police .To renovate such forces is of urgent need.The force with modern arms and ammunition can be used to punish criminals and eliminate the evil forces like drug mafia and terrorism.The government can use even the black money for such purposes. When the country grows stronger,the evil forces will slowly disappear.The society will be freed of violence,corruption,bribery and racial discrimination.It strict rules and measures are applied,the disintegrating factors and forces will stop operating and the genuine socialists enter into the society.This will help countries to re-stabilise its economic status.Gradually socialists and capitalists will come together and work for the good and welfare of the world.A neo-socialism will also evolve and social differences will be substantially reduced.Even the terrorist organisations may re-think and repent for their actions.
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New Waves in World Economy.[Forecasting and devices]