Smuggling,drug marketing,black money,hawala,tube money etc are some of the pet names to the unauthorised fund.These will make the country insecure and unstable .Terrorism is attaining the boost by such funding.

The only way to make this money to white money is legal interference by the government.Thus the national development and federal nature can be achieved by the government.When the terrorists attain power they take hold of the world.Thus the power of Satan will dominate God.Then the world will face bad days.

When the wealth and armaments are increased the terrorists will challenge the law and order of our country and they become a parellel power.Arms and drugs attracts the youth to the terrorism.This will make a drastic change in the personal and social relationships.

To arrest this situation the unauthorised wealth should never reach to this group.For this matter we require a practical and tactful wisdom than the hard laws.

What can a person do with the crores of money that he is collected by his cleverness, muscle power,weapons and smuggling?.To escape from the laws of government he diverts this money towards immoral traffics.Sometimes he may invest in realestate share market etc.His money may increase.This will lead to a separation between rich and poor.This will reflect even in social laws(especially in third world countries)Therefore such kind of wealth should reach into the government account by any means.Otherwise the power of Satan will become more grave and the remaining virtues in the world will be vanished.

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