When the black money is changed to the white money, the government is assuring the existence of society and nation.Individual and institutional deposits in the bank creates mental relaxation.Un accountable wealth will lead to sleeplessness.For instance,lets think that Mr.Rajkumar in Bangalore has a plot attained tradionally.Think that the cost of twenty five cents of land is around ten crores.What will he do with that much money by selling the plot?.Nothing.Authorities will threaten him and grab a part of it.The wealth of his own has to be shared by others for nothing.He may utilise the money for some unauthorised means.He may invest the money in share market or any other business and may lose or gain.

Then what is the advantage to the government?.If the share is of foriegn companies they are benefitted.On the other hand the money is gained by a company.Instead of this,government shoud influence Mr.Rajkumar to deposit the money in bank without taking any tax.Thus Rajkumar will be peaceful and the government will be treasured.People can take some loans from this fund.

In case Rajkumar withdraws two crores of rupees at a stretch from the bank the government can sense it.If he is utilising the money for some unacceptable means he can be hooked.We can easily recognise this black money.

We should manipulate the power of youths for better motives.Rajkumar is threatened by the authorites,politicians and the advocates on one side and the robbers on the other.Life of Rajkumar is threatened.Can we blame Mr.Rajkumar?.

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