Out of hundred and ten crores of people living in the world how many are enlightened by literacy?. Thirty crores of people are in utter poverty and more than that are illiterate. Among literate, how many are graduates and post graduates?.Besides one or two states, the youths as the wealth of a countryhave not attained even primary school education. The standard of schools in the states of Bihar and Orissa are pathetic.This situation must be changed.All the democratic governments must have the responsibility to take up the youths from the base level of the society to the zenith of world. Governments of time to time are trying to make changes,it has a slow steadfast.If a drastic change is to be occured government must have enough money.How do we find out that much money?.Whether we can assure foriegn grants always?

We can't expect increase in the rate of loans as per the timely changes.There is a possibility of decline in monetary assistance of America or Eurolpean union for a few years.Hence we may utilise the black money more effectively by investing in the field of education.We have enough wealth in our country for the development.Our country is blessed with suitable weather,agricultural crops and manpower resources.

When the education status is developed, lakhs of youths will receive higher education.That will be greater than the total population of some countries.When the knowledge and wealth are increased India can be a super power in the world.Indian name and fame with her legends and culture will spread all over the world .Gandhiji's concept of non-violence is bigger than Himalaya.When the world really accepts the same, we will have a peaceful life.

When everyone achieves knowledge, the fights for the sake of castes and religions will be reduced.We should not take resort to political unity,all religion's prayer or punishment to the criminals only when the riots are commenced.The people must be provided proper education to keep away from crimes.When we compare the man to a tree,we should provide enough water and manures for proper growth and production of fruits.Man will never think of violence when he is educated.This will be a better beginning.So one who makes unaccountable money (Black money )should not be treated as a culprit.The goverment should be enthusiastic in converting such money to the wealth of country.Black money is not meant for some authorities or political parties.If we are not diverting the black money towards better ways our society will collapse. Robbery ,murder,communal riots,violence ete. will price the individual and law and order will be child play .This will lead the society to the darkness and insecurity.

Indians are facing the deficiency of education at its maximum.Many people are still in the darkness.Black money can be utilised for education.We can open many schools and higher education centres.In our country a large number of people don't know how to write their name or even to put a signature.Higher education will make a tremendous change in the life of youths.

They will rule the world .A major part of world’s wealth will be kept by them.Business trend in education will be wiped out.We can mould a generation with proper ambition.Peace loving Indian youths will be a model to the world.Peace will prevail in the world.When the world moves along with them virtures will be harvested.

The youths will divert to wrong paths if they are not educated.They will become criminals.Some will be motivated by the terrorists.Drugs,crimes,women harrassment,murder etc,will destroy our peace.

So government must rise up and act.Pupils with mental strain must give enough opportunities for arts and sports.We must create a mind to work .This requires a lot of money.The means to collect the fund are mentioned above.

Each school should have a counselor.Students are to be categorised as per their similarities and dissimilarities.Students with tough nature must be diverted to sports.All the students must be participated in NCC,Sports,arts etc.The NCC training will develop civics,ambition and love to nation.The unnecessary strikes will be avoided.Public property will never be destroyed .Government employees will serve the people.Education will never encourage communal thoughts.I think the revolutionary and communal parties will never support this idea.

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