A soft ware engineer who was working in Bangalore was paid more than one and half lakhs before economic crisis.The same profession was paid three lakhs in America.Some are receiving one and half lakhs rupees in India whereas others get only two hundred fifty , five hundred or thousand five hundred per month . Thus when the salary paid was quite a lot, some people became more rich. At the same time others are in utter poverty.A nurse is paid only three thousand to five thousand in India where as the same class is paid two to three lakhs in America . This is just a scenario in foreign countries.

Central government , state government employees, MLA,MP and their personal staff are getting increased salary by the interference of political associations.Pay revision was never revolted by employees union . When the salary and pension are paid liberally to a section of people in private and public sectors,the backbone of our country is broken. This was never bothered by those who are benefitted.This situation is fingering towards economic unstability and uncertainty. A large scale increment in the salary to a certain category of people is not acceptable . This is creating two types of societies in a country. There must be a limit to the maximum salary and it should not go beyond the limit.For instance a college principal get salary of rupees fourty thousand and the pension of rupees ten thousand to fifteen thousand . They provide better living and education to their children.They also get good job and high salary . The amount of pension is also quite good. Most of the employees are accepting a salary and pension which they dont deserve , though there are exceptions.

We must think of people aged more than fifty and unhealthy due to their laborious routines. They must have welfare fund and pension.It should not be just a forty or fifty rupees per month but a reasonable amount for their livelihood.

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