When economic decline becomes more severe in capitalist countries,the future of under developed nations will be more terrible.What about the state of African countries? such countries will struggle hard to get enough food,cloth and shelter.This is a strict warning even to India.The capitalist countries will first take guard of their own people and so the third world countries will surely have days of misery ahead.

Lakhs of people lost their jobs in countries like America.The national feelings will rise high and as a result the foreigners will have to leave for their home countries .Gulf countries and capitalist countries are reducing the number of foreign labourers and their salary .They are also not intersted to import coffee, tea, pepper , cashew etc from poor nations .The world will be starved and caught by diseases.Rebellions will take place and people may turn against people,finally nations agianst nations .Terrorism and robbery will also intensity the situation .Some times at last another global war may result and that may ruin the entire humanity . So all political leaders ,diplomats and scientists have to sit together and find out a strategic solution to the alarming danger

All must take an oath to safeguard universal brotherhood irrespective of religious ,communal or political difference.

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